Tu corazón sabe que hacer

«As the wisest of sages always knew, the root of the essential self is in the heart, especially in the mechanism that makes it beat. Starting from the heart, the radiance of the essential being radiates towards the head and illuminates it. This mechanism operates outside of all technological considerations.

You live within it… and you can immediately come into contact with it through deep feelings (not superficial emotions)… The act that ultimately leads to enlightenment requires no action».
Michael Latorra A warrior Blends with Life

The heart beats constantly in us. Even if you don’t pay attention to it, it works as perfectly as the sea.

This organ that we carry in our chest serves as a model to understand and apply the lesson of living simply by being: your heart works thanks to its natural connection with LIFE, which does nothing but leaves nothing to do.

Centro de Humanidades de la Sierra Norte, 2017