Only now am I able to see it… Maybe I haven’t gone that far… At 7 years old I was building little houses on top of rooftops, on top of trees in my native country, Brazil. Today, in another place, I continue to create installations that are born from the idea of ​​the CASA.

The HOUSE reflects what you carry inside: it is an expression of your inner life. Imagining, creating, representing the place we inhabit is also representing our heart. My relationship with the CASA constitutes my essence: I am myself, it is the story of my life, a story of LOVE woven between Brazil, Spain, Italy. That is my art.

Although the support and language of each of my works is different (performance, plastic installation, drawing, sewing, theater, dance …), they are all born with the aim of speaking to the heart, of transforming something into the person who looks or listens: I feel spiritually committed to provoking inner awakening.

In my recent work I am working with the idea of ​​repetition. I choose the tempo of the breath, the movement of the fingers that give needle stitches and

thread; that of the hand when tracing the letters of a word; I choose fabrics and objects of daily use, on which my gaze rests again and again and again.