Remitente is a mosaic of handmade portraits of 612 women who loved and love their profession; educators for their commitment and dedication to what they did and do: painters, sculptors, musicians, writers, athletes, nurses, dancers, politicians, fashion designers, mathematics, philosophers, queens, saints … Each one has collaborated in the process of transforming the society that they have been called upon to live.

In addition to imagining their portrait, each one is the recipient of a message also written by hand: I wanted to recover the unique and unrepeatable moment of intimacy that is generated when, when thinking of someone, your hand begins to trace, letter by letter, directed words exclusively to her.

In the room there is a transparent methacrylate house with a small slot, like a mailbox, so that the viewer also becomes a SENDER: may his memory and heart take him to the memory of a woman to whom he wishes to express his gratitude through the word.

First prize Premio Visibles, Certamen de Arte y Mujer.
Centro Comarcal de Humanidades Sierra Norte, Madrid 2018