La tierra está repleta de cielos

The heart.
This mysterious ensemble of arteries, blood vessels, muscles and blood beating relentlessly and which we carry with us at all times.
The heart insists in its “boom boom boom” without us having to do anything, even when we sleep.

We cannot make it stop.
Even when you ignore it, the heart works as perfectly as the sea.

Its never-ending palpitations remind us of the waves of the sea.

Your heart is truly marvellous, arousing life. In its essence, your heart is you.

This organ that we have in our chest serves as a reminder to comprehend and apply the lesson of living simply by being.

The heart acquires its fullness (your life) not by risking, not by looking beyond, not by struggling.

While you quietly read these words, in this precise moment, your heart is keeping you alive by simply being… and without you even noticing.

I often see my wholesome self as a heart that knows exactly what it should do according to its own nature.

I don’t have to move from where I am to know the world, because I am the world.

If you try to control your heartbeat, you’ll soon realize how pointless it is.

No matter how hard you try, you’ll never manage, because your heart works thanks to its natural link with LIFE, which does nothing while never ceasing to do so.

“As the wisest of the wise always knew, the root of essence is in the heart, especially in the mechanism that makes it beat. Beginning in your heart, the radiance of its essential being shines towards your head. This mechanism works without any technological consideration. You reside inside it… and you’re able to swiftly get in touch with it through deep feelings (as opposed to superficial emotions). The act that ultimately bring about illumination does not require any action.” Michael Latorra A warrior Blends with Life

Centro de Humanidades de la Sierra Norte, 2017