La hija de Papá Noël

For many, many years, as far back as I can remember, I have made cards. I pick materials that seem insignificant…

At some point, every detail finds it place, its home, on one of my cards.

This Christmas, I would like my cards to be filled with wishes for Papá Noël, Santa Claus.

They say that people no longer write, that they do not send letters anymore, that postcards have been replaced by images on social networks. But I don´t see it like that; what I see is that people write more than before. They may be writing through different media, but written word has more presence in everyday communication. Perhaps it is the words and the paper that have grown distant from each other. And yet, not quite: we still choose the paper when we want the words to stay.

With “La hija de Papá Noël” (Santa Claus’ Daughter), I want to create a space that sprouts inspiration through writing. When we materialize a word, we make it come true first inside of us, and then in our surrounding. Every day, life asks of us to have more faith, more trust, and that we keep believing in something bright: that we keep believing in Papá Noël.

I know that the words that come from us carry power. The cards to Papá Noël are a way to educate desire; in them you can ask for everything want, with no limits.

Rafael Pérez Hernando Gallery, Madrid 2018