Un día en la vida

What is it that makes us happy? What is happiness, anyway? What’s it made of? What does it taste of? What does it smell of? What colour is it?

A DAY IN LIFE is a journey in seach of an answer to these questions. It does not require any subtantial physical movement. Quite the opposite: it’s a return journey –because we have gone too far. It’s time to come back.
Perhaps now more than ever we have become unaware of what surrounds us. With our eyes constantly glued to a screen –computers, phones, televisions– we forget to feel. We no longer see, no longer smell or listen. We even ignore our own body. The belief that happiness lies further away, beyond our grasp, takes hold –far away in a horizon that has nothing to do with our own movements and which does not follow our time frame. Perhaps we’re wrong…

A DAY IN LIFE is a call to all those who feel unhappy, who suffer –but also to those who find happiness in fleeting events. It aims to reclaim those small moments, a gesture here and there which can be the source of happiness: a cup of tea, a stroll, feeling the sun, the coming of winter, the flowers of a cherry tree. O simply sitting down, looking, listening. Breathing. Full awareness in its twofold understanding can also bring happiness: awareness of reality and awareness of oneself.
Giving due value to each and every one of the actions that make our daily lives is a creative act that requires talent and work. Therefore, it is an art –the art of happiness. All along we unveil what was already there but we had long stopped seeing. Every act of creation, of reinvention, does not result in a work of art in an exhibition –it is a moment of happiness at our disposal which we can offer to someone else.
A DAY IN LIFE is woven in kitchen cloths, napkins and table linen, in everyday objects, invisible as so many others are –silent but now sending a message: we are here.
We must learn to create cheerful feelings and happiness in our day to day.

2016. A DAY IN THE LIFE. Galería Rafael Pérez Hernando. Madrid.