Cinco Elementos de Cambio

Five Elements of Change
“30 seconds are enough to make a change”


Never doubt that a small group
of thoughtful committed citizens
can change the world; indeed,
it’s the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

Day after day, we witness the many ways in which the planet is changing it’s appearance – sometimes with terrible consequences. Yet, we seldom react: everything changes, but we change nothing. In fact, we often find reasons to justify this passivity: it is hard for us to modify any habit that alters our comfort; we convince ourselves that what is happening is not that serious and that similar phenomenon have taken place in the past; or, on the contrary, we feel too small to act upon something of such immeasurable size, so we hope and wait for larger, more powerful institutions to take charge: governments, companies, those in the shadows who control the strings of politics and the global economy.

To us, there is no question that the planet is changing: we notice summers are much hotter, winters are not as cold as those we remember from our childhood, and it almost never snows anymore; we know there are more hurricanes, more storms; that drought is a mortal wound, killing many worldwide; that landfills occupy thousands of square kilometres, and the oceans are shamefully littered with millions of plastic bags; that the atmosphere, depleted, slowly ceases to function as protection, and the forests cease to function as our lungs; we know the poles are melting; that thousands of people lose their homes, if not their lives, each year and are forced to migrate far away in order to survive. And yet, we refuse to believe that one person’s actions are useless. There is something mathematically irrefutable in that 1 +1+ 1 + 1 + n times 1 cannot be in any way equal to 0.

We are a group of five friends – each one a professional in a different field – who have been collaborating together for a long time, directly and indirectly, in each other’s projects. We have different ways of conceiving life and we celebrate the diversity that enriches us as a group. We all, however, agree that we are living at a time of profound changes occurring at great speed. They are paradigm shifts at personal, family, and societal levels. We see this group as a way of consciously addressing these changes, in order to better lead our lives and be agents of positive change in our communities.

Our proposal focuses on the idea of establishing meaningful connections with oneself, with other people, with nature, and with society. Through this, we achieve Integrity, Unity, and the Consciousness that we are all an integral part of ONE planet and that we depend on each other just as much as we depend on animals, plants, our earth, and our seas.

Ana Márcia Varela, artist
Mª Gloria Andrade, artist
Vivienne Sarobe, psychologist
David Robinson, economist
Marco Cresci, artist and musician
Texts by Elena Varela, philologist

Arte Intruso
Centro de Humanidades de la Sierra Norte, 2019