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Laboratorio de Educación Artística


“Every human being is an artist. In every human being there resides a possible creative faculty –a latent creativity exists in every layer of human work”. (Joseph Beuys 1921-1986)   “Do you enjoy learning? Are you up for it? Are you able to go one step beyond? It is better to learn, otherwise…” (Louise Bourgeois 1911-2010)

What is LEA?

LEA is an Artistic Education Laboratory in which we try to raise awareness of one’s creative essence. In order to do so, we approach Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts and Music –willing to take them to whichever other area of interest is best suited to serving as a shared experimentation vehicle: music and literature, dance and poetry, visual arts and architecture, photography and musical composition.

What are LEA’s goals?

Our main goal is discovering creativity.
In our classes we unify disciplines so as to develop an exploration channel which integrates music, theatre, visual arts, dance and new technologies. This allows us to uncover creativity, making it easier for the child –and the adult– to connect sensibility with creativity in his daily life.
A new methodological and pedagogical proposal for educating and training our pupils, trusting that their creative connectivity accompanies them and forms an integral part of their development.
The artist and the child offer the possibility of being wide awake in our dreams.